January 5, 2011

My Year In Review

A few days ago I wrote How Did We Do?, a summary of some of this year's posts about issues we faced with Moe and an update on where we are with them. This blog is, of course, about Moe and has been a useful tool for tracking his progress. But this blog is also about me and therefore tracks my progress as well.

I've seen a number of "year in review" blog posts over the past few days, and here is my effort at the same. In many ways, this year was about acceptance: of Moe's diagnosis, of my role as a parent to a special needs child, and as a member of the autism and special needs community. Much of this community is comprised of people I've never met, but whose words guide me forward every day. I am excited to have a post featured today at The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism. It is one of my favorite pieces. I can't say that all of my writing lives up to that standard, but here are some of the posts of which I am especially proud. (If you only have time to read one, start with October. But I hope you'll return for more.)

In January I wrote about finding a positive image for our kids in Ain't Misbehaving
March brought reflections on a birthday, in Not Quite Pushing 40
April featured: World Autism Awareness Day, as well as a memory of my brother in Solving The Puzzle.
I also wrote a letter to my daughter on her first birthday, in Happy Birthday, Baby Girl
In May, I wrote about the power of The Necklace
In July I discovered The Fellowship of Suffering
One August day, I met The Girl in the Shoe Store. I also wrote about Pictures and Memories over at Hopeful Parents.
In September, I remembered life Before and After Autism, and describe my unspoken connection with Moe in We Are Each Other.
In October, I decided I wanted No More Wishes.
And in December, I was inspired by a friend's observations in Cold Hands, Warm Heart.

Thank you all for reading, commenting, and sharing your own words and experiences.

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