January 27, 2011

Remember Only This

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Moe will not remember the long hours at home, therapists coming and going, day in and day out.

Moe will not remember the doctor’s appointments and assessments, the endless forms I’ve filled out, therapies I’ve researched, checks I’ve written.

Moe will not remember the early times we had together, playing with other babies at the park, unaware of what was to come.

Moe will not remember the tears I cried as those same babies spoke their first words, then sentences.

Moe does not understand the words “I love you,” or “I’m proud of you.” (Though I hope he will someday.)

Moe does not understand what I mean by “hope” or “can.”

Moe does not know his school is work. He doesn’t know what a milestone is.

Soon, he’s going to start to realize he is different. Soon, he’ll know he has to work harder than the other kids. He’ll learn the label.

For now, Moe is unaware that he is not exactly as he should be. When he is grown, he should only remember the joy of jumping on a bed, the peace of a backyard swing, the security of a stuffed monkey, the love of his mommy.

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  1. That's so true and beautifully written. I'm really enjoying reading your blog!

  2. Amen. I only hope my little guy will some day think the same way.

  3. Oh so true, he will never know the struggles but, hopefully one of these days, due to all of your hard work, he will be able to thank you for all the good times he has known.

  4. So true and very much so for my own son so reading it has really touched me :) Jen

  5. This was beautiful. So many of the same thoughts I have.

  6. Wow, how beautifully put. It gave be chills. You are SUCH a good mother, I only hope that when I have children (difficulties or not) I will have the patience and understanding you do.

    Much love to you and Moe!

  7. I wish Moe has only happy memories! They say kids don't remember the therapies etc. I hope that is true. Lovely and moving post.

  8. Just beautiful, Jennie.

  9. There's nothing like a mommy's love...and Moe is certainly blessed!

  10. Great post.

    I have a friend who tells me that one day LB will say to me "big deal, mom. so you took me to some therapies when I was a kid. get over it."

    Gd willing!!!

  11. This makes me quiet inside. Suddenly all of my big plans seem not so important. Better to love and take time experiencing that. I'm a new follower:)

  12. Nice to read you :-)
    Your thoughts are so clearly communicated here and appreciate your point about Moe simply knowing about the joy of jumping on a bed.
    Don't forget to jump on the bed too, mom :-)


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