January 20, 2011

What's Your Hidden Talent?

He was really entertaining.
Last weekend, we stumbled upon a documentary called Air Guitar Nation. As the title implies, it is about an international competition for playing air guitar. You read that correctly: air guitar.

And that got me to thinking, what am I really good at? As in, award-winning good. And the answer I came up with is: nothing. Unless there is a competition for being able to reassemble and pick up 15 kid puzzles that have been spilled out all over the floor, which I don't think there is. Then again, I saw an onion peeling competition on Food Network, so I guess anything is possible.

There are a few things that I'm really good at, though. Here are some of them, though it is by no means a comprehensive list of the plethora of talents that I hold (see #7).
  1. Cooking and baking
  2. Pictionary
  3. Crossword puzzles
  4. Editing
  5. Typing
  6. Writing resumes (mine or others')
  7. Sarcasm
Here are a few things I'm not good at:
  1. Telling jokes
  2. Mopping or cleaning anything that requires real scrubbing
  3. Singing
  4. Drawing
  5. Photoshop
  6. Bowling
What are you spectacularly good (or bad) at? Could you win a competition in fancy hair dos or putting on makeup? Are you an expert badmitton player or poet? Tell me!

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  1. I write a HOT resume, but always do better ones for others rather than myself. Never thought of it as a talent though :) Interesting list, is it important to be good at Photoshop? There are waaaay to many icons on that dash! Jen

  2. 1. Belly Flops
    2. Appearing interested when I'm not.
    3. Gaining weight.
    4. Napping.
    5. Feigning helplessness / incompetence to avoid chores.
    6. Lying.
    7. Making seven item lists.

  3. @jencull: If we ever need new resumes, let's trade :) And no, it isn't important to be good at photoshop. Just always something I've said I'd learn someday but never have.

    @bigdaddyautism: I'm sure #2 has nothing to do with me.

  4. You are good at writing period. I may need you to write my resume soon.

    I am good at
    1. Making fun of Big Daddy.
    2. Being jealous of successful bloggers.
    3. Speeding.
    4. Worrying.
    5. Speaking in Depression Era colloquialisms.
    6. Holding back tears.
    7. Taekwondo

    One of these is wrong.

  5. @Lynn, thanks:)

    I love that you all are going with a 7-item list. 7 is the new 10.

    Other potential commenters should not feel compelled to list 7 things. One is fine. Lynn & BD are just overachievers.

  6. Hm...something I'm good at... is it bad that nothing comes to mind and I have to think really hard to get an answer?

    I know what I'm bad at - math, being patient, and dieting.

    But I think I'm pretty good at party planning (when I used to have the freedom and energy), and listening.

  7. I'm very good at reading blogs and commenting (see?). I'm terrible about replying to emails. Hey, this is fun!


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