January 29, 2011

Good Morning! Where are your pants?

The kids actually slept through the night last night. I did hear one or both of them at around 3 or 4am, but since there was no crying and I didn't get up to go to them, I'm now counting that as "sleeping through the night." The sleep schedule has gotten so messed up here that I actually like it when the kids are up a little at night because it means they'll sleep a little later in the morning. Of course, this only works on weekends.

And sure enough, we didn't hear Jelly until around 8 and Moe was still asleep. Jeff went to get her and he was greeted with an enthusiastic "hi!" I know I shouldn't have, but I peeked in and she immediately wanted me. She said "Mommy's here" (her new heart-melting phrase), and I spent a minute or so trying to convince her that Daddy is just as cool and he should change her diaper. But she didn't want him, so I caved, because she's just so darn cute.

I made the mistake of not putting her shoes away last night, and when Jelly sees shoes, she must wear them. NOW! I attempted to show her that they wouldn't fit over her pajama feet, but she wasn't happy about it. She let it go when I told her breakfast was coming.

Jeff conveniently got in the shower.

Once I got Jelly to the table, I started to make some coffee. I decided to experiment with my Tassimo Brewbot, by using the cappuccino foam, but regular coffee, rather than espresso. You don't have to tell me that I like to live dangerously. My advice: only attempt this if you have a very large mug, which I do. Just as my brewbot was finishing creating the frothy goodness, I heard Moe. Usually, if we don't have to rush to get ready for school, I just go in, open the crib tent, and let Moe climb out when he's ready.
This morning I went in to find him laying down, snuggling in his blankets, half naked. Diaper and pants off. I can only imagine that this was the fun I heard in the wee hours (pun intended). Fortunately, there were no "gifts" to discover, but there was a wet diaper wadded in the corner of the crib. Moe was not too happy about being wrestled out of his crib, and changed so quickly after waking up, but it had to be done.

After I got him cleaned up, I sat with him on the floor and comforted him a bit. At one point, Jelly came over and patted Moe on the back. How sweet is that girl? Of course, it only annoyed Moe.

Jeff is now at the gym, the kids are watching Sesame Street and I'm finally enjoying my cup of cold, milky coffee. Is it naptime yet?

My little troublemakers

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