January 2, 2011

The Work Continues

Yesterday, I wrote about the problems we worked on during 2010. Today, I've been thinking about what I want to address this year. These aren't specific goals - we have plenty of those in Moe's IEP - but some of the more challenging aspects of life that I hope we can make progress on.
Communication - This will be the number one goal for a long time.

Following directions - Moe is getting better about following simple, familiar instructions, but I really want to work on this, especially safety related directions, like "stop!"

Running away - If I'm not holding on to Moe's hand tightly, he'll run, no matter where we are. I'd love for him to learn to stick by my side at places like the grocery store and not run into the street when we're out. I can't take both kids to the park by myself, something I'd like to be able to do.

Neater eating - Moe is the messiest eater I have ever seen. He tears into anything he eats, muffin crumbs flying, cereal bars squished, sandwiches pulled apart, and crackers all over the floor. I'd like Moe to learn to take neater bites of things. He also refuses to eat with a fork, even though I know he is capable.

Bonus! - By this time next year, I'd love report that Moe is sleeping in a regular bed and that we have at least begun potty training.

This isn't a long list, but I know that as the year progresses, and as Moe develops and grows, new challenges will arise. We are getting better at analyzing issues, trying to make sense of the causes and find solutions. But, especially with a kid who does not speak, this is often a frustrating game of trial and error. We hope primarily that Moe's speech and communication will improve enough over this year that we can start to work on these issues with him, rather than having to constantly guess at what he needs.

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  1. What you wrote is SO familiar, back from when Katie was his age. As I look back, it's amazing the progress she has made, even if it still seems like we have miles to go. But, the progress does come. He sounds a TON like how Katie was at that age and I am sure he will amaze you with progress this year!!!

  2. I swear I think our children are twins. Ben cannot follow more than one step directions,and even most of those he doesn't do. He also cannot ever stay near me in public. I get so jealous of the parents whose kids are standing quietly by them. And I'm often floored at the parents with the kids trustily trailing behind them. The only difference we have is that Ben sleeps in his own bed and willingly goes there.
    Hoping you have a successful new year!

  3. Great goals indeed! And some are pretty major, so it's good the lit is short! It took my aughter FOREVER to potty train. I'm sure you'll have a blast watching Moe grow!

  4. Great list of goals, you can put us down for most of the same.
    One thing that is helping with teaching stop (and we still have a way to go) is playing run and stop games. In school they sing a song "hop and hop and stop"
    I also get jealous of the kids standing so perfectly with their parents.

  5. If you figure out how to prevent the running away, PLEASE let me know. I would so love a chance to not have to explain to snarky mommy friends why I don't take both of my kids to the park when I'm by myself. They assume it's laziness on my part. Ugh.

    Hoping you reach all of your goals for 2011! Happy New Year!

  6. They sound very similar to my wishes for my child, except the neater eating bit, I just have 'eating' down because he only eats 3 things! (all dry and crunchy!!).

    I have the same as Ashley with 2 so close together in age running in different directions, we are waiting for an assistance dog which I can attach HRH to, is that any help to anyone?

    Heres hoping :) Jen

  7. My wife is hoping I will master the "Bonus" goals.


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