December 10, 2010

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Today on Facebook, a friend of mine posted this:
I really get a huge burst of satisfaction when I see a slow-flowing storm drain, and I clear the leaves away. The rushing water, the noise, the cold wet fingers, the diminishing lake in the street...all so fantastic. I wish all problems were that easy to solve.
So simple, so poetic.

And yet such a perfect analogy for how I approach Moe's autism. Thoughts and ideas are flowing in Moe's head, rushing around in a powerful eddy, but they aren't always able to flow in the right direction. It seems as if something is clogging up the works, slowing things down. But I know a brilliant little boy is in there, just waiting to show the world everything he knows.

So we're doing the work, clearing the leaves. Our hands are cold, but our hearts are warm.

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