The Peanuts (About)

Anybody Want A Peanut? is a portrait of my life raising a preschooler on the autism spectrum. I write about day to day challenges, navigating early intervention and the school system, and all of the feelings, from the heartbreaking to the hilarious, that go along with it.

Welcome. My name is Jennie. I go by Jennifer sometimes, and Jen, but growing up I was always Jennie. The people who know me best call me Jennie, and since this blog is where I hope to be my truest self, that is what I call myself here.

On this blog, my son is Moe. Moe is not his real name, just his blog-alias (bloglias?). It is what he was called before he was born and we couldn't decide what to name him. When I tell you that he is the most gorgeous child you've ever seen, I'm not lying. Most of this blog is about him.

Moe was diagnosed in 2009, at age 2, with autism spectrum disorder. He doesn't talk, although he can approximate a few words, and uses some sign language. To learn some background on Moe's delays, and how we decided to get him evaluated, read this post about how we knew. And read this one to learn the specifics of his behaviors and diagnosis.

This is Jelly Belly, aka Jelly. She's girly and cute. The girl loves her accessories. One of her first words was "shoes." Jelly is developing typically and is highly verbal and social. She used a lot of sign language until she built her vocabulary.
And here is the whole Peanut Gallery, including Jeff, my husband and amazing dad to these two little guys. He is a super-smart engineer and I don't understand half the things he says. But he brings home cool gadgets for me to play with and sometimes I don't break them. When I do, I'll be sure to write about it.


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