March 24, 2011

Would You?

If you could ask a psychic to peer into a crystal ball and see the future, would you? Would you want to know that your child wouldn't talk until he was 6, that you'd be changing diapers at 9, or looking for residential facilities at 20? Would knowing make you hope a little less? What if you learned your son had friends, graduated high school, went to college, made his way in the world? Would you work a little less hard now, knowing things worked out in the end?

If you could be inside your child's mind for an hour or a day, would you? Would you want to know that he understands only a bit of what you say? Would you want to know the frustration he feels when he can't communicate his most basic needs? Would you want to know the joy of simple things, like splashing in the water or hugging a toy? Would you be depressed by the knowledge that you can't make things better, or would it help you understand, have more patience, find new ways to get through?

If you could be inside of your child's body for a week, would you? Would you want to know what it is like to be clumsy and unsteady? Would you want to understand the need to touch everything, to lick, to crash or spin? Would you want to feel the relief of a tight squeeze? Would the lows help you manage his tantrums, or would the highs scare you with the feeling that he'll never be able to focus?

I have often wanted to see the world from Moe's perspective. I've wished to take a quick peek into the future. But if given the chance, would I do it?

Written for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. I was liberal with today's prompt: Ask the psychic! You have an opportunity to get any question answered in regards to your future. What will you ask?


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