March 3, 2011

Birthday Results

Yesterday, I wrote a list of things I refused to do on my birthday, but probably would anyway. Here's how I fared:
  1. Fold laundry: FAIL. There was a huge pile in the living room and I couldn't help myself.
  2. Empty the dishwasher: FAIL. The dishes were piling up and I just couldn't stand it.
  3. Take out the trash, recycling, diaper pails, etc.: SUCCESS! Although I am paying the price today and have already had to empty both diaper pails, recycling and the kitchen trash.
  4. Worry about calories: MODERATE SUCCESS. I worried about them, but ate the cupcake anyway. This is pretty much the way I am everyday, so I can't say this had much to do with my birthday.
  5. Cook dinner: SUCCESS! I did not cook dinner for anyone. The kids had microwave popcorn for dinner and we brought in sushi. One of those is not true.
  6. Tell anyone who might sing to me that it is my birthday: FAIL. I mentioned it in Jelly's music class. There was a kid talking about how it was Dr. Seuss's birthday, and I told him it was mine also. So of course the class, led by the music teacher who I've known for a couple of years now, sang Happy Birthday at the the end.
  7. Listen to kid music in the car: SUCCESS! But as I mentioned we did have Jelly's music class, so I didn't escape entirely.
  8. Feel and/or complain about being old: MODERATE SUCCESS. I did not complain about being old, and I was doing okay until an email came through the moms group mailing list that said "I'm turning 30 and want to treat myself to a really nice face cream. Any recommendations?" Yeah, here's a recommendation: stop telling people you're turning 30.
Overall, it was a good birthday. I got phone calls from special people and my Facebook wall was flooded with birthday wishes. Thank you all for supporting me and each other over this last year, which was not the easiest for me. But I'm going to rock this year, starting with something really exciting tomorrow. Stay tuned...

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