March 21, 2011

A Natural in the Water

I've written many times about how Moe loves the water and seeks out that sensory input. Our local YMCA has an indoor pool, but we haven't taken Moe much. We did a baby swim class a couple of summers ago, but the pool is crowded and loud with swim camps and lessons. Moe wasn't very happy. Once his class ended, we never went back to the pool, and other than a couple of times in my parents' pool, we haven't done much swimming with Moe.

Our Y membership includes some of the other local clubs and I've started going to Zumba at a location I hadn't been to before. After my first class there, I wandered around the club and found the pool. It's fantastic! Half of the pool is only about two feet deep, and there is a waterslide and a big mushroom that sprays water. We decided to take the kids this weekend.

And I'm so glad we did. Moe loved being in the water, and I couldn't get enough of his giggles and smiles. These were not the crazy, manic giggles we get when Moe is overstimulated, just the sound of a boy having a lot of fun.

Moe also seemed to have a natural feel for the water. I've seen him put his face in the water in the bathtub but I didn't know how that would translate to a pool. We showed him how to blow bubbles, and he did. He liked being able to stand in the pool, and he ducked his head under the water a few times, holding his breath. A couple of times he stayed under for around 2 seconds (we didn't let him stay under any longer than that), and even though we don't think it was on purpose, he held his breath, didn't panic, and came up smiling. As we brought him around the pool, he would splash and kick and paddle, and although he never actually swam unassisted, we were really impressed with how he handled himself in the water. Unfortunately, we left before they turned on the mushroom.

Moe has no fear and water safety is high on my list of priorities for both kids. After his escape from our backyard, I was reminded how important this is. It is also high on my priority list to find ways we can have fun as a family. I think we're going to be taking the kids to the pool a lot. Can't wait to see how he does when they turn on the mushroom!

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