June 30, 2011

K is For: Are You Kidding Me?

 Moe was very tired last week. It seemed unusual but I just figured it was a combination of the very hot days and the change in routine with summer school. Even though the summer school day is earlier, any change (including a new teacher and new rules) can be a little stressful, and the longer afternoons mean we have been playing outside a lot, splashing in the wading pool, and trying to keep busy.

Still, Moe seemed a bit off. He hadn't been eating as much as he usually does, and without going into graphic details (your welcome), his diaper indicated perhaps a bit of a stomach ache. He was a little fussy over the weekend and at school on Monday, and his lunch box came back almost full. Moe puts everything in his mouth, tries to drink water out of the fountain in the backyard, and I was a little concerned he picked up something outside. But he didn't seem sick enough to have an infection, so we just carried on.

On Tuesday, Moe wasn't going to go to school and we were ready to go our penultimate meeting for the PRT research study up at Stanford. I had been stressed about this session because I didn't have childcare for Jelly, and had been juggling things around to make it work. But our new babysitter, who is starting with us next week, happened to be free that day. Moe actually ate a little breakfast, and was ready to go. Things were back on track.

The new babysitter arrived. She had met Jelly once before, but not Moe, who was sitting on the couch. She walked in the house, and just as I was saying "And this is Moe..." he threw up all over the couch.

All I could think was, "you have got to be kidding me."

Thankfully, the babysitter did not turn around and leave. She actually helped me with the cleanup and watched both kids while I rescheduled appointments, called the doctor, and ran to the grocery story for saltines and popsicles.

Moe seemed to be much better on Wednesday. We decided to go ahead with the speech evaluation we had scheduled with an SLP who specialized in augmentative communication. I already rescheduled this appointment once because Moe was sick, and wasn't going to wait another 2-3 months to get a new appointment. So we went...

Did Moe throw up all over this highly sought-after SLP?
Did I get the date of the appointment wrong?
Did Moe suddenly start talking on the way to the appointment?

Stay tuned to find out more!

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