June 26, 2011

A Big Girl Now

When Moe was just an infant, I invented a game that I now play with both kids. Although Moe doesn't get into the game very much anymore, Jelly loves it. It is a silly way to get the kids not to fuss during diaper changes, especially at night when I'm getting them into their overnight diapers and pajamas.

There isn't much to the game. Once Jelly (or Moe) is naked on the changing table, I stop and very seriously say "Uh oh," followed by "I see a naked baby!" Then I tickle her saying "nakednakednakednakednakednakednaked." I'll sometimes embellish the game in a number of ways, usually by making the "uh oh" more serious, or drawing out the "naaaaked baaaaby." It cracks her up and she will often ask for "naked baby" as soon as she is on the changing table.

Our little ones grow up so fast, and with every passing day, it seems Jelly is less and less of a baby. She has an understanding of the world around her that is beyond her age. So the other day, we were playing the naked baby game and I asked Jelly if she was a baby or a big girl. I was so happy when she said "baby."

Jelly has been making big strides toward potty training. I've been introducing her to the potty, talking about it and having her sit on the potty, but otherwise not doing much about it. She's only 26 months old and many friends have told me that their biggest mistake with potty training was starting too early. Yesterday, she asked to "go potty" so I put her on it. She read a couple books, we hung out, but nothing happened. When she said she was "all done potty," we put the diaper back on and went back to playing, though I did notice she had a wet diaper a short time after.

Again today, Jelly asked to "go potty." I put her on the potty, and started reading her a book. Moe came in and we hung out. I wasn't paying much attention, but at one point checked the potty and she had gone! Hooray! We made a big deal of it, and though Jelly seemed to be confused at first why we were so excited, she smiled proudly. And when we made the transfer and flushed the "big potty," she had to follow all the same steps I use, close lid, close baby-proof latch, then flush. Clearly, she's been paying attention.

Today, when we were playing "naked baby" I asked Jelly if she was a baby or a big girl. She said "big girl." I'm not sure I'm ready for this.

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