June 20, 2011

School is out and back in again

The school year ended on a beautiful sunny day following a very rainy spring. Moe's teacher hugged and kissed us all good bye as we left for the break. I managed not to cry. We feel lucky we will see her again next semester!

Moe's first year of preschool flew by. Progress peeked through in small but noticeable ways.

As suddenly as the school year ended, the weather changed. Now it is 90 degrees. I'm folding sweatshirts and long sleeves from Moe's laundry, even as he's running around in shorts and a t-shirt.

Moe was off last week, his only real break for the summer. We spent the time outside, playing in the wading pool and running through sprinkler toys. He had a really good week, and was tired at the end of each day. We were all happy to get to sleep in a little, lounge in our pajamas each morning, with no hurry to pack a lunch or be anywhere on time. But by Sunday, we were ready to get back to a routine.

So today, Moe started the summer session. He is in the same classroom as he is during the year, with a new teacher (the same one from last summer) and a new aide. Thankfully, one aide, Ms. K, stays through the summer. We love her and I feel better seeing a familiar face.

I remember so clearly watching the moms of older kids last summer, the ones who knew the routine, knew where to park, knew each other. This year, I am one of those moms. I no longer let my inner fears betray my outer confidence. Not usually, anyway.

Pick up and drop off were chaos today. There is some kind of summer enrichment program at the school and they are using the same drop off point as special ed (usually we have a separate entrance). Someone blocked the school bus in the drop off circle, and now we can't use it. Many of the teachers are new, so they don't know which parents they are supposed to be looking for. Kids were late. I stepped in gum. Darn typical kids ruining it for the rest of us.

The new aide walked Moe back to his classroom. They were almost at the room when I saw Moe break free and start running. Ms. K and I laughed. She'll learn.

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