June 22, 2011

Joking Around

I don't know a lot of jokes, and when I try to tell one I usually end up either forgetting it or cracking myself up so much I can't get through the punchline. But I can be pretty goofy and have been known to, on occasion, deliver a great one-liner.

When Moe was diagnosed with autism, one of my biggest concerns was that he wouldn't understand me. Kids on the spectrum can be very literal and I am often sarcastic. I was concerned he wouldn't have a sense of humor, wouldn't "get" me. That he'd never lose himself so completely in laughter that he couldn't stop.

My most powerful memories are those times when I've lost myself in laughter: listening to my uncles tell stories around the Thanksgiving table; unable to catch my breath with my girlfriends, where each glance would cause a new wave of pee-in-your-pants hysteria; laughing with Jeff as we catch up in the evenings. Forget for a moment all my concerns about Moe's future independence, or friendships, or marriage. I wondered above all, would Moe have laughter?

While we're not exactly cracking jokes yet, I can definitely say Moe has laughter. Although he sometimes laughs a bit maniacally, with no apparent cause, other times his giggles are clearly genuine. He'll laugh at a certain song, or at an appropriate time in a book or TV show. He'll give you a mischievous smirk before doing something naughty. He, I believe, tries to be funny, and his laughter is the most beautiful sound on earth.

While it may be some time before we're messing up punchlines together, I'm certain Moe has a sense of humor. And since he's still in diapers, I don't even have to worry that he'll pee in his pants.


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