June 10, 2011

With apologies to food bloggers and GFCF dieters everywhere

Because I don't have time to write my post about Moe's last day of school.

And because Lynn blogged about pizza today.

And because it is one of the only ways I can get my kids to eat vegetables.

I now present to you my easy-peasy broccoli tomato pizza.

First, start with The Pioneer Woman's pizza dough. I made mine this afternoon. You can substitute whole wheat flour for all purpose if you want to. I usually do half and half, but today I used all white flour.

Spread it as thin as you can get it on a well oiled pan.

Top with sauce of your choice. Sometimes I use homemade, but this time I used Trader Joe's pizza sauce. Then add veggies of your choice. I love broccoli on pizza. The key is to chop it pretty small.

I happened to have some fresh tomatoes from our veggie delivery box that came today, so I put those on too. At one point, Moe came over and was watching me. He sampled a small piece of broccoli and ate it, so I gave him a bigger piece to eat. He took it from me and put it on the pizza.

People? Moe helped!

Moe's piece is the large one left-center
 Then top with cheese. I try to keep shredded mozzarella on hand, but have been known to grate string cheese sticks. I don't recommend that for an entire pizza.

And bake in a hot 500 degree oven for around 8 minutes.

 Let cool for a few minutes and serve to hungry children.

Note: Your toddler may decide not to eat the pizza, but prefer instead to sort her fruit.

The dough recipe makes a double batch, so wrap the other half in plastic wrap and pop in the freezer. Wedge between various frozen items from Trader Joe's.


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