June 1, 2011


Autism keeps you guessing. Behaviors come and go, progress ebbs and flows, and we're always trying to keep up.

For example, a couple of days ago, Moe decided to climb into Jelly's crib, and now he's been climbing in there any chance he gets. That crib has been there, in the exact same place, for two years and he's climbed into it maybe once before. So why the sudden interest? It is anyone's guess.

Meal time also keeps us guessing. Moe is a little bit of a picky eater, but not like some kids. But on any given day or week, I have no idea what he'll eat. Our go-to favorites, like macaroni and cheese, will suddenly be pushed away like I just put a bowl of gruel in front of him. Bananas have come and gone and are now back again as a staple.

And of course, Moe's sleep schedule always keeps us guessing. Not only have we had to experiment with schedules, melatonin and routines to help Moe fall and stay asleep, but we've had to keep up with what trouble he might get into during that time. First, we had to put up the crib tent to keep Moe from running down the hall at 2am, then we had to figure out how to keep Moe from taking off his diaper and pajamas, and most recently, Moe managed to actually wedge himself in between the crib tent and the outside.  What will he do next? It's anyone's guess.

But I can't wait to find out.


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