September 21, 2011

No More Stitches

After Moe's stitches were in, the ER doc assured me that Moe would be fine, but understood "it must be hard when you can't really explain what was going on." I told him that maybe in this case it was a little easier, since he didn't know it would hurt so he wasn't scared in anticipation. The stitches weren't any worse for it and the waiting process was so much easier.

Getting the stitches out was the same. We had our regular pediatrician take them out. I was nervous with the anticipation of how it was going to go. But Moe was in a great mood. He was excited that I picked him up early from school. He was excited that he got to be with both Jeff and I without his annoying little sister taking away our attention. He had no reason to be concerned.

And in this case, neither did I. The process was fast and easy. Moe sat on Jeff's lap and held his arms still with one hand and his head with the other. Although Moe wasn't thrilled with having his head held still, he didn't put up much of a fuss and he let the doctor get close with those sharp scissors. At the end, she even remarked how impressed she was with how well he did and with his eye contact. He is usually a pretty happy kid.

Because things were going so well, and because we were there, (and are mean, mean parents), we decided to go ahead and give him a flu shot too. Lucky kid. He didn't cry at the shot, but he did give us a quite a look. He may not have words, but his eyes gave us a sharp "now that was just uncalled for."


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