April 1, 2011

Lighting It Up Blue

See that peacock up there? He's usually green.

Tomorrow, April 2, is World Autism Awareness Day. To raise awareness, Autism Speaks is sponsoring the "Light It Up Blue" event. Prominent buildings around the world, from San Francisco's City Hall to the Empire State Building will turn their lights blue to raise awareness for autism.  

For those of us raising an autistic child, this is redundant. People on the autism spectrum do not need to be reminded. We are always aware. And we promote awareness every day: when we ask for help or accommodation, when we seek support, and when we blog and tweet about our lives.

But every day isn't enough. Most insurance companies do not cover autism services. Too many of my friends still receive rude comments at their child's behavior, are cut off from friends and family, or are told services are simply not available. Too many people are made to feel "less than" or their skills ignored or devalued because of their differences.

So this month, the peacock will be blue. It is my reminder that we still have work to do.

In other news... I was lucky enough to be featured by The Talk as one of the mom bloggers they're following! You can follow me on Twitter too @wantapeanut.

If you're visiting for the first time, thanks for coming! I write primarily about raising Moe, my almost four year old son with autism. You can learn about me and my family by clicking on the Peanut Gallery link in the header.

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Want to do something else to help raise autism awareness? Consider sponsoring me in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks! Just click that thermometer over on the right.

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