December 27, 2010

And the nominees are...

Yesterday, I received a surprise comment on my blog. Mamafog at Out of the Fog nominated me for the Stylish Blogger award. I was super excited because I hadn't heard from mamafog before and I had no idea she thought I was a) stylish or b) worthy of an award. Like me, she has a 3 year old, diagnosed around age 2, so we're right around the same place on our autism trek. I hope you'll all pay her a visit.
As part of accepting this award I have to tell you 7 things about myself that you wouldn't otherwise know. If you know me in real life, you may know some of these, but since a lot of you only know me from this blog, I'll include them anyway.
  1. I love weddings. Not the everlasting love, 'til death, mushy parts, but the dress, cake, flowers, decor, invitations, signature cocktails part. I would love to be a wedding planner. I would only do very hip, stylish weddings and would someday get my own show on HGTV.
  2. I hate mayonnaise, Cheryl Crow, and the word "moist."
  3. My favorite band of all time is Depeche Mode. I've seen them in concert at least 10 times, but probably more.
  4. I was in some commercials when I was a kid. The best one was for Strawberry Shortcake dolls. I was so excited to find one of them on YouTube! I'm the girl on the left.
  5. My favorite movie is The Princess Bride, my favorite book is A Prayer for Owen Meany, and my favorite authors are Banana Yoshimoto and Jose Saramago.
  6. My friend once threw me a surprise party at the Little Caesar's inside the Super K-mart outside of New Haven CT. He set up a scavenger hunt that included things like "something in the automotive aisle that begins with the letter M." I was timed and had to run around the store to retrieve the items.
  7. I studied martial arts for many years. Most of that time was spent on Chen style tai chi. I can kick your ass very slowly.
This is one of those pay-it-forward type awards, where I will now nominate three other blogs to get the award. There's no real prize, just the warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing that someone liked your work enough to recognize you, and a cool button to put on your blog. Though I suppose there's nothing stopping you from just copying the button and adding it to your blog anyway. But we'll know. And god is watching.

Before I nominate, I want to say that you should not feel any pressure to carry this on. There will be no chain-letter type punishment if you don't. However, if you want to accept and play along, that's great too.
  1.  I'm Just That Way and That's Just Me - Because Little Bird is such a beautiful little girl, and her mama is awesome too.
  2. Everybody's Boy - One of the first autism blogs I found with great writing and heartfelt content. If you aren't reading this blog, you should be.
  3. Big Daddy Autism - Nothing screams style like a Big Daddy T with the sleeves cut off. Add your blog's button, and you'll be the talk of your next blog conference!


  1. Ooooh! I am stylish. Yipee. Totally agree with you about Cheryl Crow but have to strongly disagree on the mayo. It is the nectar of the gods as far as I'm concerned. My arteries - not so much.

  2. I loved the seven things! #7 especially made me laugh. And I would totally watch your HGTV show 'cause I love weddings, too. =)

  3. Look at you child star! Hows come your not knocking over convenient stores or on Celebrity Rehab?

    Congratulations on your are so stylin'!

  4. Congrats on your award and to the awesome blogs you forwarded it to!

    I LOVE Sheryl Crow! But I think you're cool anyway!

    Cute commercial, BTW!

  5. I love Depeche Mode as well. Saw them in Shoreline few years ago. Definitely before I was pregnant.

  6. Now I'm visiting from Blog Gems. Sorry that you were one of the two preceding me since I just commented on this post a couple of days ago.

    Still love Sheryl Crow!

    Have a good Sunday!

  7. Visiting from Blog Gems! Nice to meet you! Depeche Mode were the first band I saw play and my girlfriends saw them in Hanley, we had to catch the bus there and exciting! (I'm not keen on moist either, it's a bit yukky!)

  8. Sheryl Crow covered in Mayo would be quite moist!

    I loved DM as a teen--but kinda grew out of it. Saw them once in Concert in San Diego--wearing my "blue dress". good times.

  9. Visiting from Blog Gems. I too am a Depech Mode fan (or as my hubby calls them "Depressed Mood") and still like '90's alternative. Not a Cheryl Crow fan either.

    Haven't stumbled upon "Everybody's Boy" yet, so will go check it out!

  10. How did I miss this the first time around?? Glad you posted it again. Can I now say I know a TV star?? and love the 'kicking ass slowly' image :) Thanks for joining in Blog Gems. Jen

  11. Hee the writer of everybody's boy is 147 years old and just saw your nomination on twitter. I'm truly honored - 8 months later.


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