December 24, 2010

Feeling Groovy

All four of us have been down with terrible colds. It's been, literally, weeks since we've all been feeling better. Yesterday was the first time I even remotely felt like drinking coffee, so you know it was serious. Once I feel like having a glass of wine again, then I'll know I'm truly well again.
When you've been sick for a while, all stuffed up with no energy at all, there's that one day that you wake up one day and feel almost yourself again. And on that day, you are so thankful for being able to breathe again, and you have even a little bit of energy, that you feel absolutely amazing. You are thankful to be alive! The world is beautiful and the sun is shining! What were you complaining about all that time?

Well, I think Moe had that day yesterday. He was in such a good mood, and his only grumpiness at all was when I put him in the bath with his sister and he did not want her there, and who can blame a boy for wanting his bath to himself? But otherwise, he was engaged and actually even initiated some requests from me ("mands" for those of you hip with the ABA lingo). He tried to talk a little and signed even more, but mostly he was just happy to be - singing, hanging out with us and not hiding in his dark room. And I, also finally starting to feel better, was overjoyed. I remembered that my boy is sometimes the happiest, lovliest, sweetest boy and that even though he doesn't talk, simple exudes his adorableness (adorability?) just by being himself.

As you know, Moe loves music and especially loves to sing. He's been enjoying watching The Sing Off, and although I have to skip the talking parts, which means I miss my hearing my nerd-crush Ben Folds, Moe seems to really love the singing. Last night, before getting ready for bed, Jeff found some YouTube videos of Bobby McFerrin. Moe loved it! He took it all in, giggling at the upbeat, funnier songs, quieting for the more serious ones.

It was perfect.


  1. Our little girl responds instantly to music, so I totally "get" this post! Happy Holidays.


  2. OMG I SO know that feeling. You're so excited to be feeling relatively okay that you totally overdo it, but it's still the best feeling.

    What a beautiful child!!


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