December 30, 2010

My Gift to You

I love modern furniture. I also love shoes, jewelry and kitchen gadgets, but did I get any of those things for Hanukkah? Nope. How about you? I mean I love my cookbook (I asked for it), but there were one or two things on my list that didn't show up under the tree. Maybe that's because we don't have a tree in our house. I'll have to investigate that theory.

In the meantime, I have something for you. I don't do a lot of reviews or giveaways on my blog, but when I was offered $35 to giveaway to my readers, I thought it would be just plain irresponsible to say no. Come back tomorrow for a chance to win a gift card to CSN stores. You can use it at any one of their 200+ stores.

I've never done a giveaway before so I'm excited! Tell your friends!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Congrats on your first giveaway! I'm sorry Chanukah Harry didn't get you everything you wanted on your list!


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