December 6, 2010

I Want My Life Back

Remember a few months ago when BP executive Tony Hayward said that he "would like his life back?" Well, Tony, I hear you. I'm not excusing Hayward for those insensitive comments; after all, my company didn't just cause an environmental disaster of global proportions. Although there was a pretty serious poop incident this weekend.

But sometimes I really just wish I could get some of my old self back, and for me that means my career. Here is a short list of what some of my business school classmates are doing:
  • VP, People Operations at Google, Inc.
  • Senior Vice President, Team Marketing & Business Operations, National Basketball Association
  • Author, The Career Within You
Let's just say nobody at my alma mater has called me to come present to the incoming class for my achievements as a blogger.

Today, I saw a job posting for what sounds like the perfect job. I know I shouldn't have looked, but much like my frequent perusals through what a friend of mine calls "real estate porn," I couldn't help myself. It is a marketing position, in social media. The company is looking for someone to be their "brand voice" and "editor-in-chief" for their social media channels. They are a very stylish company, specializing in the wedding and baby industries. I use their products, and they are located nearby. And I know the founders of the company.

I'd love to go back to work. I love being Moe and Jelly's mom, but I miss collaborating with colleagues, and going out to lunch, and being part of a team. I miss feeling smart and in control. But does going back to work make sense right now? The money would be nice and logistically, it could be done. Moe is in school 5 days a week, and a nanny could certainly pick him up. He has music therapy and we're adding some occupational therapy, and, yes, a nanny could take him to those too. But I like getting to see his teachers every day. We share information even during the few minutes of school pick up. I feel like I need to see firsthand how Moe does during therapy, learning the techniques his therapists use so I can continue at home. And I'm not sure adding the stress of a job, however much I love it, is what this family needs right now.

I know that this is a challenge faced by all parents, but like so many of our decisions these days, it is complicated just a bit more by autism.


  1. Wow, check you out Ms. Yale! I didn't even realize Yale had an MBA program. I applied to their business program when it was a Masters of Public Private Management program. I didn't go there. In fact, I didn't end up getting my business degree. I invested in a condo in Westwood instead. Best $15,000 I ever spent!

    Now, since you know the founders of this company, can't you see if they can tailor the job to fit your needs. You can work in the office while during school hours, then work remotely in the late afternoons. I find that there is a lot of down time while the different therapies are happening.

    I'd look into it. It couldn't hurt!

  2. You are an accomplished woman! Well, I get your feeling torn about it. Does it make sense to try it for a while? Like Cheryl says it sounds like you can negotiate. I think you may love it. It may force you to think in a different direction for at least some part of the day.

  3. I'm wearing a Yale tshirt right now!!

    I hear ya. I think about it all the time. I miss so much about the work I did. In my case, I feel like autism has robbed me of the chance to go back. And why did I think it would be ok to be 2000 miles away from family who could help??!

  4. Cheryl, such a small world! Yale started offering an MBA the year I started. My class was allowed to choose which degree we wanted, an MBA or MPPM.

    ggop - thinking in a different direction is EXACTLY why I think a job could be so good for me.

    Dani - I live 400 miles from my family but when it comes to babysitting, it might as well be 2000.

    I like the idea of a part time in the office/part time remotely job. Might work on a proposal...

  5. Jesus, Yale. I'd love to know what your last job was before you left the workforce. I was at PeopleSoft just when they were acquired by Oracle. It's funny you write this, because it's been so on my mind lately. I really need to think about going back to work, but in addition to all the things that you mention that you miss about working...that for me is mixed with trepidation that I've lost skills or too many brain cells have died or my skills are obsolete after 6 years away. I was hoping that I would be a rich and famous blogger/author by now and be spared having to get back in the rat race....

  6. OMG I just posted about this same thing last week. There was a perfect social work position (2 positions actually) that came across my computer. I even called to inquire about the amount of travel time involved and set aside time to get my resume together.....THEN reality hit. Hubby and I talked about it, and realized that it would create way too much stress in our lives. Sigh...

    Dang...I miss my career too. AND I miss feeling accomplished and in control. I echo Lynn though, and am afraid I too have lost some brain cells in the process of raising a kiddo on the spectrum.

    So we plug along I guess...until the timing is right. Hang in there!


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