July 19, 2010

A little pitchy today, Dawg

Because I clearly don’t have enough going on in my life right now, I decided to take on yet another challenge. This one is about this blog and is called 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. I’m doing this as a part of a community called SITS Girls. Each day, we have a new challenge to improve our blog. On the days that it seems relevant, I’ll write about our task for the day.
Task #1: Write your elevator pitch.
An elevator pitch is commonly used in business as a way to quickly convey your company’s purpose. If you ran into your ideal investor in an elevator, what would you say about your company to get her interested in you? You can’t tell her everything she needs to know, but you must tell her enough to make her want to learn more.
From a blog perspective, having an elevator pitch can help you write your tag line, your about page and pitch to potential promoters, whether they are other bloggers, media sources or advertisers. It is also a way to make sure your blog stays on target. In other words, if you write a food blog, your readers probably don’t care about your kid’s swimming lesson unless you are talking about the snacks you gave them after.
I’ve never intended to use this blog as a way to make money. Initially, it was intended to be simply a way to tell my friends and family about Moe’s progress without having to answer the same questions over and over. It quickly became more than that. It is a safe place for me to express my feelings, a process that has been proven to be quite therapeutic. It allows me to connect with other parents of special needs kids, mostly by inspiring me to find other bloggers going through similar experiences. I hope to share whatever information I pick up from my own experiences, as well as from those who have already been there.
Here is what I came up with:
Anybody Want A Peanut? is a portrait of my life raising a preschooler on the autism spectrum, including day to day challenges, navigating early intervention and the school system, and all of the feelings, from the heartbreaking to the hilarious, that go along with it.
What do you think, dear readers? Does that accurately reflect what this blog means to you?


  1. Hi~ I really enjoyed reading a couple of your posts. You make people feel welcome and love your writing style- very open! Good luck with the challenge.

  2. Love it. But shouldn't it be "all of the feelings ... that GO along with it"? :)

  3. I love your blog! I agree with what PinkMama said. I feel so intimidated to post comments on many blogs but you have made this a welcoming space on the internet.

  4. Nice post! I love forward to reading the rest of your blog!

  5. I hope you all keep reading! BTW, Carolynfromla is a friend of mine - not just a picky reader :)

    I'm not sure what is correct in this situation - does "go" go with "all" or with "feelings." She's right though :)


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