July 20, 2010

Ten Reasons I Heart My Book Club

books My favorite night of the month is book club night. I love my book club. We’ve been together for seven years and in all of that time, I’ve missed maybe two meetings. I make it a priority – it is important that I go. My husband understands that and makes sure to be home early so I can make it. I’ve been in other book clubs, but there is something about this one that just clicks.

I’ve been wanting to write about this amazing group for a while, so today, I give you, the top 10 reasons I love my book club:

10. We have history: This book club has been together for seven years. It has changed over time, with members moving to Colorado, Chicago and even Switzerland. New members have taken their place. But a core group of us has been here a long time, and with any group with some history gives the group an ease and comfort that I love.

9. We are organized: We have an Yahoo! group. We have guidelines (no books only available in hardcover, all books have to be new to everyone in the group, the host suggests the next book), but have broken all the rules at one time or another. This keeps things running smoothly, but isn’t oppressive or annoying.

8. We are diverse: Although every member of the group knew either me or my BFF before joining, we have a pretty diverse group of women. Some work, some are stay at home moms; some of us have kids, some don’t; some are married, some are single, and one might as well be married to her boyfriend of like 17 years but for some reason is not; some are vegetarians; one rides a Harley; our pets include cats, dogs, fish, rabbits and a bird who has provided quite a bit of drama over the years.

7. We laugh: As adults it seems we don’t laugh as much, or at least with as much gusto, as we did we were kids. But there have been times in book club when we’ve lost it. I will never forget the story, told on one occasion when we were out at a restaurant, about one member using an, ahem, “marital aid” to help induce labor. There is nothing a good laugh cannot fix.

6. Nothing is off limits: See number 7. We talk about everything and anything. Sometimes we even talk about the book we read.

5. We eat: We are not officially a food or cooking club, but most of us really like to cook, or at least eat. A few of our members are vegetarians, so for me (a meat-eater) it is an opportunity to try out a recipe I might not otherwise try. Sure, we’ve had a few pizza deliveries, and that’s been good too.

4. We drink: See number 7. There is nothing better than walking into a room where the first thing said to you is “red or white?”

3. We are not about autism: I have a stack of books about autism. Any time I am not spending with an autistic child I could spend reading about other autistic children, and research on autism, and therapies for autism. But book club gives me a reason to read something else, and book club meetings give me a chance to talk about something else. Sure, it comes up, but it isn’t what book club is about and that break is worth everything.

2. We see each other outside of book club: I worked with a few of the book club members at previous jobs. Others are friends I met through moms groups. Book club has been a way for me to stay connected with some of my favorite people who I might otherwise not get many opportunities to see. And by staying connected, we’ve also made plans to see movies, go to brunch, and get our kids together, much needed breaks in between book club meetings!

1. We sometimes read the book: We want to be a committed book club. Really, we do. We all try to read the books and talk about them. Some books provide better discussions than others. But even if someone doesn’t read the book, she comes to book club anyway. Because for us, book club is more than just a book club. It’s about friends. (And wine.)

I wrote this post in list form, as task #2 for the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge. It gave me an excuse to write a post I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Thanks, girls! See you Thursday :)


  1. You don't know how long I've wanted to be in a good book club (or just a book club period.) because I LOVE to read! It never seems to work out timing wise for me (working nights for five years didn't help).

    Anywho- found you via the 31DBBB- Good work!

  2. I love reading a lot, but for some reason i never thought about entering a book club. I should definitely think of it.

    Good luck with the rest of the #31DBBB challenge! ;)

  3. I love your list! Great job. And I'm totally jealous. Ever since my last move a year ago I don't have any local friends and your book club sounds like a DREAM! Wish I lived in San Jose!

  4. WHAT??? Number 3? There are other things besides Autism? No way! Lead me to it, please!

    Our lives revolve around it too! The stack of books next to me are all about Autism, oh except for one about trying to keep your marriage going, which in a way revolves around Autism because it is a huge part of why we need to try and keep out marriage going.

    I am so happy for you. And you have convinced me to try to find a book club myself. I need that. I have an Autism mom's group I participate in, but once again, it is not a break. How did you find them?

  5. Thanks for visiting everyone! I don't know how you would find a book club to join (maybe your library?) but it's easy to start one. My frind and I each invited some people we wanted to spend more time with, like ex co-workers we didn't see as often anymore, or mom friends we wanted to see outside of a playgroup. It has grown and evolved over time. You can make it happen!

  6. I love my bookclub too!! arent they the best?!?! my top reasons are similar...though we're not really as organized as yours and i think I'd put my top 3 as drinking, drinking,and drinking... BUT the company is fabu. we talk about brazillian waxes and sex and motherhood and prior lives and politics and everything in between....and occasionally - the book. :)

  7. Hi there! I tried to leave a comment on the next post up, but couldn't figure out how to be the first one!
    When you said "am i playing the game- is the grass always greener." I was reminded something my daughter texted me the other day. You apply how you seem fit in your life, if at all, lol! here goes!
    If the grass is always greener on the other side, you oughta try watering yours!

  8. Umm..I can't see the comment form anymore in the newer posts.


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