October 20, 2011

Things I've Never Done

I'm thirty-eight years old.

And I've never:

1. Been fired

2. Ridden on a motorcycle

3. Gone skydiving

4.Watched a puppy being born


5. Worked as a waitress (see #1, above)

6. Eaten a McRib sandwich

7. Seen Gone With the Wind

8. Worn false eyelashes

9. Run a half-marathon

10. Been on the cover of Rolling Stone

11. Cooked a live lobster

12. Gotten in a fist fight

13. Dreamed in Spanish

14. Hosted my own radio show

15. Officiated at a wedding

16. Written a novel

17. Set a world record

18. Been to me (Charlene fans out there? Anyone?)

19. Sat in the front row at a Depeche Mode concert

20. Learned to play Bridge

21. Pierced my nose

22. Owned a cat

This post inspired by the prompt "list 22 things you've never done," from Mama's Losin' It as borrowed from The Pioneer Woman.


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