October 26, 2011

For Better or Worse

For better or for worse.

I said it.

I meant it.

It's easy when things are better.

It's hard when they're worse.

My parents have been married almost 43 years. I have been married 6.

It is a short time but we've had to face a lot. I won't lie and say things are perfect. But they are good.

But every marriage has a breaking point. Even mine. Even yours.

Will it be the day to day annoyances that break you down until you just can't stand each other? Will it be the stress of having a special needs child, or maybe just children at all? Will it be infidelity? Financial stress? Simply growing in different directions? Abuse?

We haven't hit ours. I hope we never will.

But every marriage has a breaking point.

What's yours?

This post was inspired by Lost Edens, by Jamie Patterson. Struggling to save her marriage, she attempts to mold herself into the wife her husband wants her to be. As a member of From Left to Write book club, I received a copy of this book for review. You can read other members' posts inspired by Lost Edens on book club day, October 27, at From Left to Write.


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