February 10, 2011

Moe Plays Hard To Get

Moe goes to our school district’s special day preschool. Because this is the program qualified spectrum kids get once they turn 3, new kids occasionally join the class mid-year. Moe’s class recently had some new additions, two boys, both of whom are actually smaller than Moe.

Once of these kids, A, has taken a liking to Moe. The teachers say that little A follows Moe around everywhere, getting right in his face. And Moe wants nothing to do with him. I think it’s great that there’s a kid who is pushy with Moe, forcing him to interact, and his teacher said that these are new behaviors for both kids. The teachers will let this go on, A chasing Moe and Moe trying to get away, until one of them (usually Moe) gets really upset.

But something happened, and now A won’t play with Moe anymore. We aren’t exactly sure what happened except that Moe got a haircut and now A is visibly upset by Moe and actively avoids him. Nothing else has happened or changed, and the teachers even tried to get put them together, but A is just not into Moe anymore. Did A have a thing for curly hair? Is he mad at Moe for changing? We have no idea, but it’s such a funny little preschool drama.

I wonder if Moe misses A. Remember how in high school there was that guy who liked you, and even though you’d never go out with him, you kind of flirted anyway because it’s nice to be pursued? And then when that guy finally got a girlfriend, you were kind of jealous because he was your guy to string along? As far as I can tell, Moe has no desire to have a new friend, but does he still want to be wanted?

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