February 6, 2011

Locked Out

I try to keep the house safe and accessible for Moe. There are relatively few things Moe isn't allowed to do in the house, but there are some rules, and many of them involve water: no splashing in the fish tank, no spraying water from the refrigerator (why didn't we get one with a lock?), and no splashing in the dog's water dish. Moe is getting better about these, but sometimes the appeal is just to great and I find myself with  a watery mess.

The dog's water dish is right by the door that leads to the garage. Moe is now able to lock and unlock this door, so we recently added a child lock on the door so he can't escape the house. Our washer and drier are in the garage, so I go out there a lot, and of course I don't always take my keys with me. So today, I went out to do some laundry, and I left the door propped open. While I was putting laundry in, Moe popped his head out. I said "Hi Moe!" He then slammed the door shut, and I heard him turn the lock. Yes, he locked me out of the house.

Now, I had anticipated this very scenario and have a spare key in a locked box, so I knew I could get back in. But before I had a chance to open the door, I heard Moe inside splashing in the dog dish. I have no way to know if he planned this when he locked the door or just seized the opportunity, but it was damn funny. Moe is becoming quite a little troublemaker.

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