February 4, 2011


It’s Friday, the end of another long week, and sure to be an even longer weekend.

I’m sick yet again, just a cough and some congestion. I’m not exaggerating when I say that one of us has been sick every week since Thanksgiving. I’m losing my voice, making it quite difficult to yell “not for mouth!” every 10 seconds. Annoying.

On Wednesday night, I heard Moe coughing an hour or so after he went to bed. I went to check on him and he had thrown up all over everything. After changing pajamas, sheets, pillow, stuffed monkey (yes, we have 2), and blankets, we got him settled back in bed. 10 minutes later, take two. Annoying.

It took Moe many hours to fall back asleep, but once he did, the rest of the night was uneventful. Thursday morning, I went to get him up for school, to find him in his crib, huddled under the blanket with his diaper and pants off, sheets soaked. He was otherwise fine so I sent him to school. He had a good day and a great music therapy session.

The next day (today), the phone rang around noon. Moe threw up at school. I pick him up, we get home and he is just fine. He wants a snack first thing, and is running around like crazy. He’s discovered the sliding doors on the buffet in the dining room (the one with all of our crystal and china in it), and I have to tell him about 50 times not to open them. When he’s not doing that, he’s turning the light for the wine fridge off and on over and over. Annoying.

Moe’s new favorite way to play with toys is to open a bin that has say, 75 legos or 15 matchbox cars, and dump it out. He’ll play for a minute, then as he’s leaving, he’ll bring one piece with him then drop it in some random spot as he’s en route to the next thing. Or he’ll walk by the refrigerator, grab one of the Fridge Phonics letters, bite it and then just drop it on the ground. I’m constantly relocating small pieces of toys. He’ll also grab a cup of milk off the table, take 3 sips, then drop the cup on the rug. Annoying.

Each night, around 5:00, as I’m making dinner the kids start huddling around me like little puppies. Even playing a favorite video doesn’t keep them out of our small kitchen. Moe starts climbing onto the counters and Jelly hangs on my legs. They have no concept that this is slowing things down, and it is so…annoying.

Moe doesn’t want to eat anything right now. I think, like me, he’s probably been a little under the weather, although he seems perfectly willing to eat Jell-O and Pop Tarts, just not dinner. I put food on the plate in front of him, he pushes the plate away, then pushes me toward the kitchen as if to say “try again, Mom.” Annoying.

This evening Jelly insisted on wearing too small baby socks and her brother’s Crocs. She keeps taking off one of the socks and shoes, then coming to me to put them back on. I’ve now put these back on her at least 15 times. I know she’s learning, but man, it’s annoying.

Somebody stick a fork in me. I’m done!



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