February 3, 2011

Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

Jelly has been obsessed with kissing lately. I hope that these are not words I'll say again in about 12 years, but for now it's pretty darn cute. She'll kiss people, her stuffed toys, plastic dolls. She'll make toys kiss each other. She's recently begun kissing pictures of her favorite characters, like Elmo or Cookie Monster, in books. The other day she was kissing a bouncy ball. I can't say I understand it, but it's kind of her thing.

Moe, on the other hand, is not really a kisser. He has a hard time puckering on command, and although he tolerates kisses just fine, it isn't really in his nature to just come and put his face right up to yours. When I put Moe to bed, and I say good night, he gives me his hand to kiss. This started because I can't really reach his face when he's lying down, so I'd take his hand and kiss it through the slats in his crib. So now anytime I say "I love you" or "Can I have a kiss?" he sticks out his hand like he's aristocracy. Which I guess he is.

Everyday when I pick Moe up from school, his teachers walk him right up to me. I take his hand, kneal down to eye level and say "Hi Moe. Did you have a good day? Can I have a kiss?" I usually get a little eye contact, then he drops his backpack and pulls me toward the car. But yesterday, he looked right at me, and took my face gently in his hands. Then he gave me a big kiss! He didn't get the pucker quite right, so he actually just smashed his teeth into my face, but I didn't care one bit. Best kiss of my life.

Sorry, Jelly, when you hand them out like candy, they just aren't appreciated quite as much as when you have to work for it. Again, a lesson I hope I won't need to teach for many, many years.

Kudos to anyone who got The Cure reference in the title.

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