November 29, 2010

My Cup of Happy

I don't do product reviews here. I'm not opposed to them, but it's just not what this blog is about. Every so often, however, there are products that really make life easier, and all this week, I plan to write about some of those. Since this is primarily an autism blog, these products will for the most part be related to how we work and play with Moe. But this is also a parenting blog and today I want to write about my new favorite gadget: the Tassimo Single-Serve Coffee Brewer, otherwise known as the Brewbot.

You may have seen the commercials for this cute little machine and before you get too excited, it is not actually a little robot. My BFF has a different machine that she loves, the Nespresso C100T Essenza Single-Serve Automatic Espresso Machine, and I had planned to get that one but thought the versatility of the Tassimo might be interesting. So I looked for reviews. You would not believe the negative reviews I read - not about the machine, but about the fact that the commercials are "misleading" and that the coffee maker is not actually a transforming robot. Really.

Back when I worked at Danger, we had a cool machine that we called the coffee robot. It was a fancy espresso machine that made all kinds of drinks at the touch of a button. Push the latte button and the machine would grind the beans, steam the milk and pop out a latte. I really wanted one of those, but at the time I think it cost a few thousand dollars. It was purchased by one of the founders of Danger, Andy Rubin, who went on to start Android. Andy would occasionally send emails to the company like "I just got a new 100" TV and am giving away my old 99" one. First one to my office gets it." He's a robot enthusiast and I heard he built a full sized coffee robot, but that it had to be put in a cage because of its tendency to whack people in the head when handing them their coffee. Or something like that.

Anyway, the Brewbot comes with little pods, called T-discs, that have a bar code on them. Pop the pod in, press the button, and the right drink comes out. Milk drinks, like lattes, have two pods. First put in the milk pod and when that's done, put in the espresso pod. And, the best part is there is nothing to clean up besides your mug.

Before this little machine, I barely had time to make a pot of coffee. Back in grad school my friend would ask me each morning if I wanted to go get a cup of "happy." It was as true then as it is now. A caffeinated mom is a happy mom.

I was not compensated in any way by Tassimo for this review. I received the machine as an early Hanukkah present from my mom. Thanks Mom!


  1. It sounds like you love it! Have a double espresso for me! Thanks!

  2. I have also come very close to writing a post that was nothing but the gushing adoration I have for my Tassimo. Once (okay two or three times) per day, I stand in front of it as it makes my coffee/cappuccino/latte/tea/hot chocolate/whatever for me and I just want to tell it, "I love you." I'm not sure I would have survived the last two years without it. Best purchase I've made. Honestly. Well, I don't purchase a lot. But I lovelovelove it!


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