August 6, 2009

Thanks for the juice box

Today was a good day. Last night was not a good night, as I spent hours reading autism blogs and reading about epilepsy and absence seizures. Okay, here's where we discover my true neurosis: I caught Moe staring into space for a few seconds and immediately went off the deep end. He hasn't even been diagnosed with ASD yet.

But today was a good day. After a morning visit to a dear friend and personal savior (who also happens to be a therapist), we went to water the plants at another friend's house. Of course, just as we arrived, I realized that it was almost 12:30 and Moe hadn't had lunch yet. Cue meltdown.

Desperate, but not wanting to snoop too much, I opened the fridge and found 3 juice boxes. Since she has 2 kids, I figured I could appropriate one for Moe. After drinking some of the juice I asked Moe if he wanted more and he said "juice!" And earlier today, he said "baby" when he saw a picture of Jelly Belly. But juice! Juice is a new word that he has never said before.

Now, I could go down the destructive path that reminds me that I should have been celebrating this achievement a year ago. I could dwell on the fact that Moe's morning playdate, who is 6 weeks younger than Moe, has the vocabulary of a third grader. I can re-read for the hundredth time the passage from the doctor's report, even though I have already memorized it, that contains the words "red flags" and "autism spectrum."

But today was a good day. I will dance the juice box dance to the sound of the ABC's coming from the fridge phonics toy and I know that Moe will join me.

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