August 21, 2009

A New Plan

After we met with Dr. S, we started a small flurry of activity to try to get Moe some one on one therapies. We found out that the regional center (SARC) office has their staff meetings on Thursdays so we wanted to make sure that we got on the agenda for that week.

First, we had to fax the doctor's report to our service coordinator (SC) at the Regional Center. Second, we had to make sure all of the reports and recommendations made it to the regional center by Thursday's meeting. Moe had already been observed by the occupational therapist at school. A speech & language pathologist was also going to see Moe. We had to make sure that their reports, as well as the school director's recommendations, were completed and faxed to the SARC. It turned out that those reports were not actually going to be ready in time, but we encouraged our SC to make sure to discuss Moe at the meeting. They did.

As a result, the regional center sent their own psychologist to observe Moe at school. That happened on Monday. We had a phone call to review yesterday.

Everyone had talked to everyone else (including our Dr. S and the SARC psychologist). They agreed that Moe should have more individual treatments, so now he is going to have one hour per week of speech & language and one hour of OT. In addition, we are going to start sending Moe to the school 5 days a week.

We are hopeful that the one on one therapies are going to be really beneficial, espeically in helping Jeff and I know what we should be doing at home. Our only complaint about the learning center has been that it has been difficult to get a lot of feedback on how he is doing, and where we can be helping, so I'm looking forward to having a relationship with the therapists who will be working with Moe.

Our concern with the new plan (called an IFSP) is that Moe is only getting 2 hours a week of one on one time. Dr. S seemed pleased with the changes, but was a little vague. SARC agreed that if the therapists think he needs more, they can request more. In addition, if Dr. S does give an autism diagnosis, then more changes can be made.

So what's next? I'm working with SARC to get the new plan scheduled. We have our next appointment with Dr. S in 2 weeks.

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