August 18, 2009

Progress report

Since my last post was so long, I'll try to make this short. In the past 2 weeks or so, Moe has showed some real progress. Although he is still inconsistent with what he does, I'm encouraged that he has been using more words and verbal communication. I'm especially excited that he has used some words or sounds completely unprompted, rather than just echoing something that one of us said.
  • Signs for "more" occasionally
  • Said "juice" while drinking a juice box
  • Said "baby" when looking at Jelly Belly
  • Pointed to Jelly's belly button when asked

  • Blew me a kiss when I got him up from a nap. Blew a kiss to Grandma.

  • Played with phone - held up to ear and pretended to talk

  • Reading books out loud (this is too cute)

  • Waved bye-bye

  • Ran up to me at the park with a huge grin on his face and looking me right in the eye

  • Said "bubbles" when he saw a picture of a boy with bubbles

  • Saw a cow and said "moo"

  • Saw a toy dog and said "dog"

  • Said "pizza" when he was eating pizza (this one was in response to us saying it)

  • Said "peek a boo" when I found him hiding behind the curtains (totally unprompted!)

  • Today, we went to Jeff's office for lunch and as we pulled into the parking lot he said "Daddy"

Each of these are little things, but I hope they are starting to add up to some bigger progress. We're working hard to get him some individualized services ASAP. I'm hopeful that it will help speed things up even more.

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