August 2, 2011

A Brief Update

I've been busy. I haven't had time to write much, and though I'd love to post some pieces of great genius before I leave for the BlogHer conference in two days, it's not looking good. Here are some of the things I've been up to instead of updating my blog:

  1. Taking Moe to the potty every 20 minutes.
  2. Wiping pee off the floor in between aforementioned trips to the bathroom.
  3. Preparing for BlogHer, the conference I'll be attending in San Diego this weekend. Figuring out what clothes, shoes and electronic devices to bring, let alone what sessions I'm attending, seems to be a full time job.
  4. Spending a lot more time on Twitter. See #3 above.
  5. Some other exciting things that I'm not ready to post about yet but that will be sure to both give me lots of blog fodder and completely suck up all of my time.
I'm looking forward to some great networking, learning and fun this weekend. I'll be a little out of my element, as I am really uncomfortable walking into large social situations where I don't know anyone. But I will know a few people, and am looking forward to connecting with the bloggers from From Left To Write and The Red Dress Club. I am really excited about attending the Special Needs Mini-Conference on Friday, where I'll have the chance to meet, hug, and probably cry a few tears with so many of the bloggers who inspire me on a daily basis.

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