August 7, 2011

Things I Learned at BlogHer 11

I am back from the BlogHer conference in San Diego. I have a lot to do: business cards to sort through, notes to review, thoughts to process, and sleep to catch up on. I'll be writing more about the conference, as well as sharing a book club post, this week. But for now, here is a brief list of some things I learned at BlogHer.

  1. Never wear new shoes to the first day of a conference, no matter how comfortable they seem out of the box.
  2. Twitter is great for many things, but if you want to find someone in a crowd of 3600 people, get a phone number.
  3. Everyone has a story to tell. Some will make you cry, but some will make you laugh so hard you can't catch your breath. We need both kinds.
  4. I am not too old to party until 1 a.m. three nights in a row.
  5. I am definitely too old to party until 1 a.m. three nights in a row.
  6. I may still find use for my Sociology, Communications, and MBA degrees.
  7. Online connections are important, but nothing compares to looking someone in the eyes and telling them "I understand."
  8. Big things can start in a small room.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who made my first BlogHer so great! You know who you are.


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