August 29, 2011

Life Imitates Reality TV

When Jeff and I got engaged, I watched a lot of reality wedding shows. When I was pregnant, I couldn't get enough of TLC's A Baby Story. When we bought our house, I found an endless supply of decorating and landscaping shows. Though to be honest, my design show obsession really started when I was working at Microsoft on TV products and would record an endless supply of Ultimate Kitchens with host Tori Ritchie. I loved Trading Spaces (the early years with Genevieve, Vern and Ty) and Designer's Challenge. Fun fact: that show was hosted by Chris Harrison, now host of The Bachelor.

And now? I'm watching House Hunters.

Yes, we've finally decided to sell our house. I do love our little house, especially now that it is clean and clutter-free, but it is small. I'd like a bigger kitchen so that two people can actually work at the same time. I'd like to have a separate family room or playroom so that I can have a mostly toy-free living room to relax in. I'd like to have a bedroom big enough for Jeff and I to have separate dressers. I'm cramped with just 4 drawers!

Our current house almost fits the bill. The backyard is beautiful. The kitchen could be opened up. A second story master suite could be added. We've thought about it. I've designed it in my head. But although we like our neighborhood quite a bit, and got incredibly lucky that we are in a great school district for Moe, I want to be able to walk places. I'd like to be closer to one of the many adorable downtowns in the Bay Area. I want to be able to walk to a park with Jelly, and if  I can stop on the way for coffee, even better.

It's a good time to buy. Interest rates are low, and although prices are still high, the market is not as competitive as it was a few years ago. When we were looking, it was standard practice to give an offer at least $100,000 over asking price. Offers were accepted on a single day, and any offer with a contingency would be laughed at. We had bid on eight other houses over the course of a year before we found this one. We moved in just a month before our wedding.

Because it's a buyers market, it's not a great time to sell. But our first open house had a lot of traffic and we're on this week's broker tour. Besides, I've watched a lot of Curb Appeal and Designed to Sell, so I'm pretty sure we have this in the bag.


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