May 22, 2011

We Walked Together

We walked as a team.

We came with family.

Moe thinks his curls are his best feature.
 And friends.

We were 6,000 strong and raised $400,000.

Some people came to fight.

Some came to learn.

Others came to cheer on sons and daughters, sisters, brothers and friends.

We walked for all of these reasons and more.
But me? I walked for Moe.

Thank you to Ann & David, Bill & Louise, Carolyn & Dave, Charlie, Cynthia & John, Daniel, Dani, Dave, Beth, Francesca & Dave, Gigi, Jen T., Jill, Jim, Joady & Bruce, Jody, Joel, Phil & Joyce, Kerry, Krista, LD, Laya & Rod, Linda, Michael & Jennifer, Michelle & Jon, Grandma Mira & Grandpa Rich, Grandma Linda & Grandpa Dan, Nancy, Phoebe, Rebecca & Marty, and Rickster. The Bush family raised $2370, and our team raised $4427.

Special thanks to Spencer Hardy Music Therapy for forming our team Music Therapy Rocks! And to Kim, Beth B, Beth H, and Karyn & Jim and their beautiful children for walking with us yesterday and everyday.

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