October 26, 2010

No Crystal Ball

If you read my post over at Silicon Valley Mamas, you'll know that I was on a quest to buy a LoveSac for Moe. Every time I say it, I can't really understand why you would name your store something that sounds...well, you know how it sounds. I did buy one, the KidSac (doesn't sound any better, does it?). Their packaging is covered with "lovesac.com is not a dirty website." It's all very tongue in cheek, including their slogan "It's not a damn bean bag." I'm all for creative marketing, but I think maybe a name change would do wonders for their image. But I digress. The point is, I went to the mall today.

As I sat down with Jelly for an early lunch, I looked around the food court and noticed a group of teenagers and young adults with various disabilities. I see similar groups at the mall often; local groups learning independent living skills. Their impairments are severe. I don't know if any have autism, and if so, these would be the ones considered on the "low functioning" end of the spectrum. Still, I couldn't help but imagine Moe in the future, learning to order french fries, pay and collect change. I know that for some people, being able to shop independently is a huge accomplishment, and I don't mean to take anything away from people who work really hard to get there. But I want more for Moe.

A little while later, a friend of mine posted a Facebook status update with a video of her 6 year old son, G. He went to her Mac and independently made a video of himself singing and signing a phonics alphabet. G has autism and two years ago he had almost no language. Today, he's making videos of himself on the computer. It was just what I needed to see. I can imagine a future where anything is possible.

I used to wish I had a crystal ball to know which way we were headed with Moe. When he was first diagnosed, I longed desperately for a brief glimpse into the future. Will he talk? Will he graduate from college? Get married? But of course there is no crystal ball, so I'm working hard to believe only the best. What would be the point in thinking otherwise? This is what it means to take things one day at a time. We will work hard but what will be, will be. Moe will be the best Moe he can be, and I will burst with pride at his every accomplishment.

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