August 9, 2010

Something in the air (Or everybody's crib camping!)

What is this force that propels us through life? Maybe you believe in destiny or karma, or my own favorite religion “coincidentalism.” I read quite a few autism blogs and sometimes, I swear, the autism gods are working together. I’ll read a post about how one kid made a big language leap, for example, and then it seems that’s all I’m reading about that day. Sometimes this can be a force for good, and we can all celebrate. And sometimes, well, yesterday happens.

It seems some of the more devious gods were working together. I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I read a blog called Both Hands and a Flashlight and that you should too. The writers, both parents of a child with autism, are fabulous and they often say exactly what I’m feeling, only better. When I first started, they wrote me a personal email with words of support I continue to refer to over a year later. But I digress.

A week or so ago, they wrote a post called, Climbing Out. But I hadn’t read it until yesterday. I even left a comment. My exact comment, dated Sunday August 5 at 3:03pm, reads:
Moe has been getting up a lot at night with such manic energy. He can climb out of his crib, but doesn’t, and I dread the day he decides it’s time. I don’t want to see that manic energy running all over the house at 2 am. No words of advice – just hoping to learn from you on this one.
I’m sure you can guess where this is going. At 2:00 in the morning, Jeff and I were awoken to the sound of Moe running down the hallway. Lord have mercy, it scared the crap out of me. You’ve heard the rest of this story from me before, so suffice it to say that it was not a fun night that finally ended with Moe falling asleep in our bed, when he was successfully transferred back to his crib. We had to get up two hours later.

The answer, we hope, is a crib tent. Unfortunately, no one sells them locally – not even Babies R Us - so I had to order one. It will arrive tomorrow.


  1. That is so weird. You need to be careful what blogs you read because it sounds like they have some weird power over your life. I hope that the crib tent does the trick for you!

  2. Should I post that the J-man started speaking in complete sentences that others can understand, eating all foods, sleeping through the night without stripping (his newest trick - the t-shirt stopped working), and going to Target without screaming? Cause if you think it would help, I can make that stuff up!

  3. The crib tent was a fabulous thing for us. Good Luck. I've been there.


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