May 1, 2012

Jelly's Party

I wanted to throw Jelly a really nice birthday party. I thought she would appreciate having all her friends from preschool and music class together in one place. Maybe go to one of those bounce house places, or do it in the back yard. But in the end, I couldn't get it together. It was just too much to think about.

So I invited just our best friends, the closest thing to family we have in the area. We had pizza and cake. It was a hot day, so we ate and played outside.

The kids entertained themselves with the hose.

Moe entertained himself with cake (and trying to steal everyone else's cake). Though he did get in on the hose action for a bit, and played with the water table - a favorite since we got it for him on his first birthday.

Jelly insisted on a Milli (Team Umizoomi) cake. This is not something you can buy at the grocery store, so I made the cake and ordered a special edible icing topper. Nothing went smoothly with this cake. The chocolate didn't melt fully so it was more like a chocolate chip cake. The icing topper was too big and kind of flopped over the top of the cake.

As it turns out, three year olds (and seven year olds and not-quite-forty year olds) are pretty forgiving about such things.

Jelly spent a lot of the day playing with her new Fisher Price digital camera.

And rocking her new dress up clothes.

Happy birthday baby girl. I hope you had a great day.


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