June 19, 2010

Hello, Everybody

musicalnote We made it through last week, Moe's week off in between school and his extended school year program. Thankfully, my mom came to help out for a few days so we could get out of the house a little bit. We finally had a chance to check out Happy Hollow, bought a fun sprinkler toy for the backyard and generally enjoyed some of the nicest weather we've had in a long time.

On Wednesday, we were supposed to have our last day of music class. Unfortunately, Jelly had a bad cold, but because Grandma was in town it worked out that I could still bring Moe. I think he's starting to appreciate time just with Mommy, and he seems particularly excited when we get to go in the car without Jelly. Moe had missed the previous two classes because he started school, so I was excited that he could make the last session.

Music class has been a mixed bag. I think Moe really enjoys it, but I often have a tough time keeping him engaged. He tries to escape the room to go outside and run around. He likes to go to the back room because there is a kid-height sink and he wants to turn on the water. Lately, he's become pretty fixated on the clips on car seats (I think because he is finally able to clip them himself), so I spend a lot of time directing Moe away from the strollers and baby seats that are in the room. But Moe likes the music and playing the instruments and, especially when we were doing the in-home program, it was often the only socialization opportunity he had each week.

I noticed an big difference this time. He went right over to the drums and started banging on them. He looked at the other kids. He jumped and danced with me. (Did I mention he can jump now? All on his own? Hooray!) He seemed to be trying to participate in the "right" way, imitating when he could.

The highlight of the class for me was as we were getting started. We sat down and started patting the beat to our welcome song. A beat or two before we all started signing, Moe sang "Hello, Everybody," the beginning of the song! Teacher E and I just looked at each other in amazement, both so proud of little Moe! We've been with E for a long time, she led his second birthday party, but I don't think E had ever heard him speak at all. So this was a wonderful way to wrap up the session.

Moe is still Moe, and I did have to spend some time that class keeping him away from baby seats and sinks. But there was a qualitative difference. I truly think it was because of his time at school and I absolutely cannot wait to get him back there next week.

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