April 21, 2010

Keep on Truckin'

Even though I pretty much refused to talk about it for a full year from the time Moe was born, we were pretty sure we would someday want a second baby. In anticipation, I saved all of Moe's baby clothes. Once we found out we were going to have a girl, I still kept quite a few of his things that were unisex or would pair well with girl clothes, but I haven't had to use very much. Her pink onesies look adorable with his brown pants, but with baby gifts, a clothing exchange, and some donations from friends with girls, (and a few key things I just had to buy her myself), Jelly has plenty of pink in her wardrobe.

For some reason I didn't end up with any girl pajamas in her current size. But I have plenty of Moe's old jammies. It is fun to see her in these cute "boy" pajamas that Moe was in what seems like yesterday. I can picture him in them so clearly and it is fun to remember that time when things were still pretty free and easy with him.

Baby boy pajamas are jut like baby girl pajamas except for the colors and decorations, and of course it doesn't matter if she's sleeping with footballs, dinosaurs and puppies instead of flowers and butterflies. Perhaps it is even healthy! But there is one pair that cracks me up.

 IMG_2207     IMG_2211

My "Lil Trucker."

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