October 5, 2009

How about them apples?

This has been a tough few days for Moe. He's finally getting his last two top molars and he has a little bit of a cold. He's been waking up very grumpy. I understand his frustration, but when he's grumpy, I'm grumpy. It's been challenging.

Yesterday, Moe woke up pretty much hysterical. He was frustrated and clearly trying to say something. Apple? Yes, he's saying apple! Okay, so I run to get the applesauce. Nope, not it. More frustration, more hysterical crying. Now he's saying something else. "I want?" I have thought that he's tried to say that in the past, but was never sure. At school, they have been working with him on saying whatever it is that he wants ("more," "cracker," "apple," etc.), but just the label, or sometimes even eye contact, is enough for him to get it. The more verbal kids, however, have to say "I want." Now, Moe may often seem tuned out, but he picks up a lot and often surprises me with what he knows. So he's crying hysterically, saying "I want (sniff, sniff, cry, cry) I want!" And then, he looks right at me and says "I want apple!"

Oh. My. God. Moe just: 1. Said a full sentence, and 2. Told me what he wanted. HUGE!

Now I panic. I don't have any apples, and he didn't want the applesauce, which is what he usually means by "apple." Then I remembered I had bought some packages of freeze dried apple slices that I sent with him to school last week. Moe ate two entire packages.


  1. Woot! That is SO AWESOME! You know we're right there with you, cheering along. Go Wesley!

  2. Have you looked into any research on autism and diet? I just saw a headline about autism and dairy. Don't know if it's valid. Do you know if diet changes help?

  3. We spoke to our doc a lot about dietary changes. Although there aren't any scientific studies (that I know about) to support the special diets, many parents swear by them. The diets (especially gluten/casein free) are tough to follow, so our doc recommended we wait since so many other things are going to be challenging for a while. Once we have a good routine established, we could then try it. That will also allow us to have a better sense of whether it seems to be helping. I'm not sure if we're going to or not. If we gave up gluten and dairy, I don't know what Wesley would eat! Thanks for passing along any info you see. It's always appreciated as there is so much to learn.


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