August 2, 2012

My Uncle and the Yellow Beetle

After I graduated from business school and moved back to California, I bought my first new car: a 2000 yellow New Beetle. It had a manual transmission, and though I had driven a stick shift for several years, the new car felt different. The clutch was stiffer, and had that German push-down to get into reverse thing. It took me several minutes to get out of the dealer parking lot.

When speaking with my uncle about the new car, he told me "Don't worry. Soon it will feel like an old friend."

It's like this with all big transitions, isn't it? Anxiety builds as changes approach, but soon enough, what is new becomes the status quo.

We are just two and a half weeks away from the start of the new school year. I am nervous about the new school, about how Moe and I will respond to the long drive each morning, about being so far from Jelly's school, about hiring help to care for her. Our days will once again be turned upside down but I know, soon enough, it will all be routine.


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