June 23, 2012

Summer Moves Along

We are at the end of week two of our ten week summer break. That's one fifth--twenty percent--done. Not that I'm counting. (Side note: anyone know how to get an em dash in Blogger?)

We decided not to send Moe to the extended school year program at his school. I still don't feel comfortable writing publicly about the process we're in, but I will say that we have wrapped up over six hours of IEP meetings and have not yet signed the IEP. Moe hasn't made the progress we believe he is capable of, and so this summer we want to do a more intensive program with him, including 1:1 ABA, speech and OT.

I am both nervous and excited about this. It means many more hours at home. I am having flashbacks to the lonely, scary first year after Moe's diagnosis. But it is what he needs right now, and we are going to make it happen.

ABA hasn't started yet, so I've had a lot of time with Moe. He is doing okay. He is still showing many aggressive behaviors, his sleep is off, and he is having a lot of sensory regulation issues. But this week was better than last, in part because Jelly is back in preschool three days a week. I've realized how much easier it is with Moe when it just the two of us. I can actually take him out of the house. We can play in the backyard. He gets the attention he needs.

Moe and I went grocery store. I dragged him along to a number of errands, which included many times in and out of the car. We can use the iPad without Jelly climbing on me to see. I realized how much attention Jelly requires, and that neither of them are getting enough from me. I am not saying this to be tough on myself, but it is true. If they had each other to play with, things might be different, at least at home.

But it isn't just attention Moe needs. He needs behavioral instruction that I don't know how to provide. Being out and about isn't always as easy as it was the other day. Yesterday we went to pick up Jelly at school and she was on the playground. Moe, of course, wanted to run away, but I couldn't let him. Jelly was on a bike and didn't want to get off. And all I could do was restrain Moe and plead with Jelly. Nothing terrible happened, but these moments are exhausting, no one is happy, and it is time to get some help. Behavioral support for Moe is on the way and I'm looking into getting some babysitting help for Jelly.


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