April 20, 2012


Perhaps it was the blossoming spring that made me want to get rid of the dark.

Maybe the acceptance (relief, even) that we aren't likely to be moving this year; that our small but comfortable house will continue to be our home for a while longer.

Maybe it was the desire to take on a project, to make something happen all by myself. To find the inspiration and gather ideas. To climb the ladder and wield the brush. To take pride in a job well done.

Or maybe I just can't help myself.

I wanted something new. A soft grey. Some yellow. Just enough white.

I am amazed by the restorative power of a fresh coat of paint.

View with rug. New curtains have not arrived yet,
but you can see them in the link below.
This painting was already in this spot, and looks
lovely against the new wall color.

I did the original room in October, 2008. Since then, we got matching nightstands and a new bed. Current makeover included primer and paint (about $75 including misc. supplies), quilt and sham ($73, fab.com), rug ($279, West Elm), wall decals ($25, Blik), curtains ($110, etsy). Total cost $562.

You can view my inspiration board on Pinterest.

The painting was given to me by the talented Lina Gadelha Ashcroft. You can see more of her work in this You Tube video made by her son.


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