May 4, 2010

Kitchen Duty

For Jelly's birthday, we got a new toy: a play kitchen! I found the cutest red retro kitchen and spent about 3 hours putting it together. It looks like this:
I put this kitchen together and it was love at first sight. It is all wood, with no lights or sounds and just a few clicking knobs. I got some adorable wood food for the fridge, freezer and pantry. I already had some toy dishes and pots and pans (made from recycled milk jugs!), and the one million piece bucket of play food. So what I find myself wondering is, did I just get a second kitchen that I have to clean?
Jelly is no help. She just wants to talk on the phone.


  1. Beautiful kitchen!! Can you share the link/product info if you don't mind?

  2. I swear, we are thinking about getting Dale Jr a little kitchen for his birthday! Right now he opens the only lower cabinets not locked and pulls out all my pots. I put some plastic crap down there, and he definitely pulls it out, but it's the pots I worry about!

  3. @ggop Yes, I should have included a link! It is from KidKraft:

    I bought mine from Costco.

    @Mary, I'm sure it won't keep Dale Jr out of your cabinets, but get one anyway. You need to get those boys interested in cooking now!

  4. Love the kitchen!
    My kidlets are too old for those kind of thing but I can remember when they had fun playing at cooking and washing lol.


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