December 25, 2009

Happy Merry Chrismukkah Day

We're not really a Christmas kind of family. I celebrate Chanukkah. And today just happens to be Jeff's birthday.
We wonder what it is going to be like for the kids believing that all the world's children wake up early on Christmas morning to celebrate Daddy's birthday.
So what does a half-Jewish, half-Christmas-birthday family do on Christmas?
We got up early and colored Daddy's card.
Coloring Daddy's card
We baked a Key Lime Cake. Oh my god this was amazing. I sprinkled some lime zest on the top, giving this a much more Christmas-like feel than I had intended.
Key lime cake
We played outside. It was a gorgeous day.
In the playhouse
We tried some new foods.
Avocados? Seriously?
This did not go over so well. But we recovered and Jelly Belly gave us a message of hope for the world as only beautiful babies can.
We put the kids to bed and rounded out the evening with a delicious pea and mushroom risotto and a bottle of Two Mile Sangiovese.
Happy birthday, Daddy. We love you!
Jeff loves cake

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