December 21, 2013

My Return to Work by the Numbers

It's been a busy while since I've written anything here. So I figured I'd do a quick update with some stats from the past two months, in no particular order:

  • Number of trips to urgent care and/or the emergency room: 3 (two for Moe, one for me). We're all fine.
  • Number of beats per minute my heart was racing at urgent care: 120
  • Number of days caffeine-sober: 10
  • Number of new cars purchased: 1
  • Number of minutes per day new HOV lane-qualifying car saves: 25-30
  • Number of holidays celebrated: 3
  • Number of days of Hanukkah celebrated: 8
  • Number of latkes I've eaten: 9,724 (approximately).
  • Number of nannies fired: 1 (New replacement nanny is doing great!)
  • Number of times Moe bit previous, now fired nanny: 2
  • Number of haircuts we've given Moe: 1
  • Number of times the dog has peed on the floor, damaging already pretty beat up wood floors: 3
  • Number of minutes Jelly wants to be with me when I'm home: ALL OF THEM
  • Number of times Jelly has talked about the movie Frozen: 1 trillion
  • Lowest number of degrees walking from my car to work in the morning: 39
  • Number of times I've watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: 1. So Far.
  • Number of days until husband's birthday: 4
  • Number of presents purchased for husband: 0
And finally a very special one...
  • Number of years my mom and dad have been married on December 22: 45!
They make it look easy. Love you Mom and Dad!


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